Feb. 16th, 2004

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Oh my god.

Did the 30 minutes with the new weights, and not only was it a serious workout, but now my arms feel INCREDIBLY light and fast as I move them for nomal tasks. I am moving at Matrix speeds whilst the world crawls slowly on.

I could get used to this feeling. Hi-yah.
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Why should gays be left out of the tax breaks?

I refer to my earlier statements that you don't need a law to get married unless you care about the secular benefits. If you want to get married, all you need is your partner and a willing priest. Bam, 20 minutes later you're married. This issue is not about marraige. It's about insurance and tax benefits. Important? Sure, to many. And I agree it's a 'right' they probably should have if straight marraiges have it. But let's be honest, mmkay? If (like the major example), you lived 50 years with the same man or woman, you didn't need a piece of paper to tell you that you're married.

In other news, out of bed, and the music finished loading. Whee. I hate having to work on federal holidays.
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Okay, I know I pissed someone off with this today, but I feel like I need to make something clear so I avoid it in the future.

Life is not fair, and I do not feel anyone is entitled to it being so. Most people who are reading this have been fortunate that through force of arms or force of law, we have been given many privileges and freedoms. But that does not mean that those rights did not have to be earned by someone, be it Colonial Soldiers 200 years ago, the NAACP/SCLC/SNCC, U.S. troops, or international laws and conventions based on English Common Law and the solicitors and barristers who worked to form them.

There is no such thing as a right to anything. Human beings are 'entitled' to exactly one thing: death. If you have been given the gift of life and your mother chose to bring you to term, you will eventually get a free death at some point, regardless of who you are and what you have or have not done. Everything else is going to be earned through hard work.

In some cases, people will help you. (In many cases, in fact.) But that does not mean we can claim that we deserve things, that we should be given things, or that we have a right to things and automatically expect to recieve. All too often you're going to have to fight for it, and you're going to have to fight hard.

Does this mean we should give up searching for things like equality, fair treatment, or various benefits and comforts? Absolutely not. They are good things to have, and in many cases our society could stand to be a bit more permissive, a bit more ecumenical. A level playing field is not a bad thing. But it is not easy, it often doesn't happen, and if a lot of the things people currently agitate for happen in my lifetime, I will be surprised.

I don't want you to feel I don't care. I do. But the above is who I am, and I tend to apply that to a lot of things that you and I will probably disagree about frequently, and if that pisses you off, I really am sorry. I don't like pissing my friends off. But it's gonna happen now and then.
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In an attempt to post something that I hope will be 99% non-controversial:

There is a guy named Wiggum running for Wooster Sherrif. Not quite as good as Police Chief, but still.
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The workout was good tonight, though my arms feel a bit sore. I think that tomorrow I will either walk or use the 10 pounders so that I don't hurt myself. Spent a very nice hour talking with Lisa afterwards, too. She liked my additions to the story we've been writing together, and we're both really looking forward to our time together soon.

We also both talked about the increased excercise and health stuff we've both been doing, and how we're both working on losing weight and adjusting our lifestyles. And yes, dear, I promise I will go to GNC and buy the multivitamins tomorrow. In my brush with diabetes and her housemate Paulette's heart attack, we've both now seen the damage that weight will do to us over time, so we're making a change, and making ourselves healthier slowly, gradually, and consistantly, for the rest of our lives. And we're doing it together, which is fantastic. We also talked about places we'd like to try in Columbus and Chicago that cater to that, and a few places for when we want to be bad, because evil is fun sometimes. It's been 10 minutes since we hung up, and I still have goosebumps.

I cannot tell you how privileged I am to be loved by this woman. I just can't put it into words.

In more boring news, I went out and applied to 3 new job sites, and 10 specific positions, 2 of which were through agencies, the others independently listed.

Also, in a change, 4 of those 10 are jobs in the Dayton area, and 2 in the Youngstown area. I'm going to broaden a bit just to make sure I can get SOMETHING. (And one of those Dayton jobs...well, they posted salary minimum of $40,000. That would be pretty damn nice, eh?)

Now, I'm gonna go be a Wookie. With luck, I will not get pwned by Ewoks tonight.

(Side note: Don't fuck with the Ewoks. They will swarm and devour your ass.)


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