May. 10th, 2004

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2nd to last day working here at Wooster.

Congratulations to everyone walking today. :D It will get a little less odd, but it's all going to change. Welcome to the adventure!

It's a little odd adjusting to the fact that I'm leaving as well. The emptiness of my apartment, with so many personal things gone...oh, well.

Take care, everyone.
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I think I may have found a possible place to check out.

Can more seasoned apartment shoppers than I give me a general idea of if this is a good place to investigate?

Rent would be $529 a month. $150 deposit and a $25 fee for application/credit check. Bad credit will raise deposit amount.
Water bill is $15 a month, and includes the cost of track pickup and sewage.
Electricity should be ~$80, possibly lower.
Central Air/Heat
High Speed Internet/Cable through Time Warner, at $30 a month for 6 months with the basic package.
Single story apartment with patio or porch. Non permit parking, but the parking is described as extremely ample.

Furnished with Fridge, Electric Stove, Blinds, and Washer/Dryer hookups in the utility room. There's also a laundry room on the property.

Bathroom has Tub/Shower.

Eat-in kitchen, large living room, hall, bedroom linen closets.

If I sign up for a year's lease, they'll give me $350 off of the first rent.

So far, except for having to use Roadrunner instead of Wide Open West, it sounds pretty good. I went ahead and agreed to take a tour on the 22nd, if anyone wants to come with, that'd rawk.
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Whee. I just finished documenting pretty much all the specialized knowledge I've had at Wooster. I am now a cog in a machine.

Got a package from Kid Sempai over at PVP forums. He's trying to raise money for some stuff, and was selling a bunch of books at low, low prices. So for a contribution I made a few weeks ago, I am now the owner of The DaVinci Code, Hellsing volumes 1 & 2, and the Rurouni Kenshin manga, volumes 1-4. Not bad. Also looked over my 401k stuff from APT, and decided since they'll match 4%, no reason not to put 3% into a good yield package with a decent amount of risk (Biotechs, mostly), and the other 1% into a more stable investment. That ought to keep a decent playing field set up, and we'll see how far it goes. I can honestly think of worse things than being an APT employee for 2-3 years, as long as I was satisfied by the contracts. And depending how the investments go, it'd be kinda cool to retire at 40 or 45 with a million or so in the bank. (Yeah, yeah, wishful thinking.)

I was going to write something else, but can't remember it.


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