Jun. 28th, 2004

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(X-posting to [livejournal.com profile] techranting)

R. Lee Ermy does Tech Support.

Language is NSFW, and you do not, repeat, DO NOT, want to be eating or drinking anything while you read.
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One of the nicest things about the new place, I have decided, is the excercise room, which Alex and I used whilst doing laundry last night.

First, there's an outdoor pool. The pool's a bit small, but 15 minutes of backstroke, sidestroke, and racing laps still felt good.

Second, the weight room itself not only has a lovely collection of free weights, it has some very nice adjustable machines that Alex really likes. This is excellent, because I want to turn him into an 'exercise buddy'. He needs the workout, and it's a good way to get him into regular excercise.

Third, there are some Nautilus bike and walking machines that are just awesome. No, make that awesome. You start pedaling or walking to turn it on, then start inputting data on your weight, desired workout time, and workout level as you warm yourself up. Then you select a course, and it starts applying variable resistance for you according to the mock 'terrain' that the course generates! It runs constant data for you to help keep your eyes busy, and shows you your progress on the course.

I was actually really satisfied that even though I had to work a bit harder on the uphills (I selected a rolling hills course), I was able to bike at an average speed of 12.2 mph the entire 30 minute workout.

This is going to be a very good thing, especially since I'm going to have a regular and reliable workout partner.
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Work went beyond crazy and into 'HOLY SHIT!'

Best part was that I've been the only person here since 3:35 and I'm just finishing queued calls etx. Gotta go out tonight and do some stuff before I can get dinner and probably go kill things in CoH.

M3 people: I'm really sorry. I know I should play more. But while my enthusiasm for CoH has been high, by M3-RP energy has been bottomed out since I started moving, and I don't have a good explanation why. I apologize again.

Even better best part? According to the email I got, we're going to have me and Bob on the phones, and Rick on desktop support for the rest of the week, and that's it. Everyone else will either be on projects, vacation days, or quitting/fired.

This week is going to suck.


Jun. 28th, 2004 06:27 pm
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So, after getting some feedback from [livejournal.com profile] buschap and wanting to burn off some stress, I did the bike at Level 10, today.

18.3 mph average speed. 300 calories burned. 9.4 miles covered. That's an increase of over 6 mph on my average speed from level 5.

I don't even feel winded. I wanted a drink of water pretty bad, and I was a bit sweaty, but otherwise I was fine and ready to get back on and do more.

I /like/ this. I'm finally hitting the point where I push my body and it just pushes back harder.


Jun. 28th, 2004 07:05 pm
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There is a hidden door in J.K. Rowling.com that just became accessible today.

Behind it, if you figure out the puzzle, is the title to book 6.
Spoilering. )
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5.1 Kilpisch surround sound speakers + 800w Subwoofer = $340 (Open box, but tested.)
Yamaha reciever + S-video system = $175 + $30 for 4 year protection plan.
100' of Monster Speaker Cable = $50
Monster S-Video/AV cable = $29
Monster PS2 Optical Cable = $20
Monster Subwoofer Cable = Free

Put on store credit card with 24 months same as cash. Alex and I already agreed we'll have it paid off in 6 or less.

We are now get equipped with home audio.

More importantly, however, we also got groceries and need to actually make dinner.


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