Aug. 8th, 2004

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Also known as : Yurrrrrrrrrgh. *snore*

I think I covered what we were up to on Friday, so let's start with Saturday.

We hit the bank and took care of a few things before going to get our laundry started, then returned to work on the bed. Adventures were had with the power drill working as both drill /and screwdriver/. Impressive. We still need to put one last screw into the bedframe, but the one we bought had some bad threads. We'll get a replacement soon.

A few last minute things @ Kroger then lead to us going to get Crystal and heading to the Ohio State Fair. WHeeee! I got to go sing with the choir at the ODNR park, and it was incredible. A bunch of people recognized me, including Mr. Snyder, the director, and one of the most wonderful men I've ever met. A ton of alumni from when I was in the choir were there, and when I got to was just incredible to be a part fo that again.

We explored after that, getting [ profile] neeri some new sandals, trying all sorts of crazy, dangerous, and often very good food (and despite what others will say, I really liked the deep-fried fudge on a stick, dammit), and generally just enjoying the sights and sounds before dropping Crystal off so that she could go marauding with my sister.

Alex and I did some stuff around the house, he worked on some Camm. paperwork, and I started watching the episodes of Iron Chef we had TiVoed. Despite low-level snacking all afternoon and part of the evening, this lead to what I can only call X-TREME HUNGER for Chinese food. And somehow, we managed to get to Cafe China all of five minutes before closing, and they were nice enough to do a carry out order for us. (Note: Cafe China also turned out to be really, really, really good.)

Alison and Crystal called as we were ordering, wanting to come by. We got them food, too, everyone ate, and we watched more Iron Chef before I started passing out. Went upstairs, fell asleep hard.

Woke up to try to go to the Irish Festival with everyone, and had a major case of Tummy Unhappiness, so I'm resting and relaxing here while they're over at the fest. Not a big deal. The festival would have been fun, but I had a pretty full weekend already. :D
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Well, my Computer went 'ka-boom', today. Thought it was the HDD, but it looks like it might also be the motherboard. Working on replacing it. We'll see how it goes. At least it's under warranty.


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