Oct. 22nd, 2004

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If yesterday was an almost absurdly productive day at work, today is the Red Queen's race...


Oct. 22nd, 2004 04:39 pm
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No, ma'am, I will not make promises that depend on data we are still waiting on the vendor for.
No, ma'am, I will not put my division behind the 8 ball.
No, ma'am, I will not guarantee anything that hinges on the arrival of this hardware when we do not have a hard ship date.
No, ma'am, I do not care that you are the admin for the VP sales. I will not make a promise that we may not be able to keep.
No, ma'am, I will not lie to you so that you can make your VP feel more important.
No, ma'am, I will not special order him a unit ahead of time for what is a evaluation pilot of this hardware. He's already one of only 10 people in a company of over 1600 that get to use these for the near future. He can wait for those 10 to arrive from the vendor.
No, ma'am, I will not lie to your VP to get you off the hook.
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Between Lisa's ticket prices going up, bailing several people out on short term loans, and being a fuckup and having no clue how to manage my money, I just found out my bank acount is in the hole.


I am selling a 2nd gen 10GB iPod, capable of being formatted for Mac or PC. Unit is up to date on all Apple firmware and gently used. There is some abrasion on the back plate, mild abrasion on screen. Unit has original packaging and firewire cables, plus I can throw in a mini-400 cord. Sold.

Also selling a Microsoft Sidewinder 2 Force Feedback Pro - Original packaging is somewhere, unit has all disks and cables. I am the original owner and can vouch for function and response.

Selling two reproduction Star Wars toys, circa 1997: A-Wing w/ Pilot and all accessories (no box) and TIE bomber with all missiles and pilot, no box.

Selling a Sony PSYC semi-portable DVD player. Box and all cables + remote

Selling a palm M515, all cables, cradle, software, and soft case. Replacement Stylus, no box. -On hold

Leave comments or email if interested, and I'm going to go hit something until I break my hand or stop being angry at myself.

I suspect the hand will go first.


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