Dec. 7th, 2004

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Woke up and did not feel well at all. Ended up calling into work. :/

There's a windstorm outside that is actually /shaking/ the house.

Also: Mild superhero sexuality speculation below. Cut tagging for anyone who hasn't seen The Incredibles, as it's a mild spolier.
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Yeah, I can't think of one either.

Fortunately, even if you doubted that I could, I can think of good things to say about you, [ profile] incogneato.

Once again, you're someone who found me through the ether. Wish I had better recollections of why, but hey, at least you've been here during good and bad.

I think it'd be hard to write about you without mentioning your extremely pretty kitties, who you obviously have much love for. They're gorgeous.

But then comes the rest: 1) Since you've started leaving comments, you have always tried to give good feedback, insights, or to at least make me step back and think about what I'm saying and why I said it.

You're a caring mother - That's an increasingly hard thing to say these days. I think that's intensely awesome.

You're a veteran, even if my Navy heritage says you were an Air Scout, and I cannot tell you how much respect I have for anyone who is willing to put on the uniform.

You believe in honest to god real Coffee, and God bless you for it.

You're still working on school, and you understand the unique hell that is not only tech support, but Mac tech support.

You've found someone you love quite a bit, and you made that terrifying yet catchy song about Midol.

I've no idea if this is what you were expecting, but it certainly was a good challenge. Thank you!
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Someone actually sat down and figured out Cartoon Character skeletons.


In other news - Drugged, still not feeling so good. Alex brought me drugs. I am drugged.


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