Dec. 30th, 2004

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Credit goes to QC.
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For Lisa, and a story we're writing...

Five ducats to the man or woman who can get me some webpages about really cheesy/tacky honeymoon hotels.
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After reading the Eyrie stuff that you've been linking, the idea of Team Banzai having a tuning session with the Megas XLR team has been firmly stuck in my head. I can't write for Eyrie - I think I'd need about five years to get the history down and avoid horrid continuity wrenches.

This leads to a fanfic feedback loop in my brain, now... *grumble*

Also the following snippet came to mind:

Shifting in the backseat of the Barracuda in vauge hopes of crash-survival, Kiva winced as Megas accelerated into the asteroid field, the Salthis still on their tail.

"Relax," Coop drawled, "I can shake 'em while you get the jams cleared. I saw this in a movie once!"

"You /always/ say you've seen it in a movie. What sort of movie could possibly give you any idea on how to navigate a hostile asteroid field at full tilt while enemy fighters are doing their best to destroy us?" Arm deep in what Coop had left of the weapons control module, Kiva dearly wished she could grab the big motorhead by the scruff of the neck, but settled for the interlocks.

"Bullit! Best car chase ever."

"Which has to do with Asteroids...?"

"Asteroid field, San Francisco...actually, this is a little easier than San Francisco."

"Except for the landmines." Jamie's laconic warning came as a silvery orb near the robot's arm started to pulse a threatening red.

"Ahh. Yeah."

That last bit? Was basically the only part of last night's dreaming that I could remember. Though I can imagine Buckaroo Banzai and Pretty Boy being a mix of pleased and disgusted by Coop's control modifications to the Barracuda. Awesome car. Bad wiring.

Now, the question is, since it is Eyrie, would Buckaroo Banzai and the various parts of Team Bazai (Blue Blazer Bravos, Hong Kong Cavaliers) be integrated with their Battletech Homages? Maybe Dr. Buckaroo Anthony Banzai was responsible for helping design the new "Hatchetman" security Destroid...

ARGH! I have too many things to write someday as it is...
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Note to self:

Take dress quality dai-sho that Nikki gave you out of the trunk before you go driving much more. Cops will likely not accept that the blades are dull and non-lethal.


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