Jan. 7th, 2004

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Morning meme. )
Well, that's kinda fun. :D

In other news, the news of my haircut is apparently reverberating through the various staff and departments that I regularly work with. And to my surprise, I'm getting tons of compliments about it. That's kinda neat.

Also, as I did office runs/office hours today, quite a few people are assuming that I will be getting a new job (apparently news that I'm going into interviews is out there, too), and a lot of them are wishing me well and telling me they really hope that I get the job and get to move on to something new.


Jan. 7th, 2004 11:10 am
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The hardanger fiddle pieces in the LotR soundtrack have been naggingly farmilar in sound to me, so I finally emailed my grandmother and asked if anyone I'd been around when I was in Norway had played.

Yes, actually! One of our good friends, Vesla Kiese, who you met when she came over back in 97 with Sven, played it, and she might have played it while you were a baby. I think she still has that fiddle, in fact.

NOW I know why I kept thinking I'd heard someone play that instrument before.
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Check out the bands playing this show in Columbus?

This Friday, January 9th...

Shock & Awe Fest
-Back When
-The Battle Of Gettysburg
-Breather Resist
-Ed Gein

Just had to show you that.
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One of the people I try to read because she's cool ([livejournal.com profile] deza) has been writing about relationships and things they go through, recently, partially because she and her SO are feeling out things a lot lately themselves. Today, she posted this, which is a guide on 'stages' of a relationship she found online.

I thought it was a pretty good writeup, so I thought I'd share. Plus, [livejournal.com profile] deza is a good person, and I know some of you have been asking for random journals to read. So.

Work has been a feast of hardware, software, and going to Bw3 for $.50 wings at lunch. The battle continues.
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Okay, work's hit a lull, and we're talking about, well, geek stuff. :D

The topic du jour is currently Home Theatre. 2 of the guys in the office have built their own, and I'm starting to think about it. And, as you might expect, this lead to a question that I'm throwing out here, too.

Does anyone know of a company that sells a wireless module for rear speakers? We found a few systems from RCA (crap!), Philips (crap!), and Sony (Waaaaay too expensive) that came with a wireless reciever/transmitter set for the rear speakers, but no stand alone components that could be hooked to an existing receiver.

I mean, this can't be that hard. Give it 3 or 4 RF channels to work between, have a module that goes to the reciever's inputs for the rear, and then a set of speakers who recieve on those freqs. Maybe even just have a second module that you plug existing rear speakers into? That way you at least can get rid of some of the cable clutter, even if not all.

Hell, ideally, you'd think people would be jumping on the idea of making a home theatre system that's entirely wireless, but the technology may still be a bit too expensive.

Any ideas or input? Heck, with some of the mad scientists who read this, anyone who's got ideas or stories about rigging something? We're kinda kicking around maybe using Bluetooth to control the speakers, with a media centre style PC managing the actual AV processing, levels, etx.


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