May. 24th, 2004

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Well, now I'm a bit pissed.

You may recall that I had called Wooster last week because I didn't get a paycheck on Friday like I was supposed to.

So I went through and got told that the pay date had shifted because of the weekend, and I'd get it Monday.

Still no check.

Called back. Got a different person.

Was told that looking at my contract, the reason I wasn't paid was that my last paycheck was April 20th, and wasn't I told that I'd not be paid for the remaining time I worked?

According to them, that was when they paid out the full salary amount (minus taxes), and nothing else was to be paid regardless of the fact that I'd be working for another three and a half weeks.


I've already sent stuff to Kathy to find out what the hell is going on, and if there's something that can be done. Even if I was paid their student rate instead of my intern rate, I don't think it's right that I worked very nearly a full month for free, especially since I was given every indication that I'd be paid.
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Okay. I got the text of my contract.

Can someone with legal expertise, or at least a clearer head than I probably have right now, read this and tell me how it looks? If I really am just blowing smoke, that's one thing, but...

Contract in full. )
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Well, that changes things.

Alex's looking to get out of his current digs due to Campus Partners and OSU dormies moving in agressively.


He's all about getting a place with me, so we're going to be doing some work Friday and a chunk of Saturday looking at 2-bedroom apartments/townhouses.

Marcon people: Dinner Saturday night? Perhaps around 6-7? Please let me know so I can plan for you guys.


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