Dec. 9th, 2004

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The more I thought about this, [ profile] wondergecko, the harder it got.

That's more my fault than yours, tho.

Kim's someone I really wish I hadn't drifted away from, the more I think about this. We ran into each other at M3, things kinda skooshed there, but as I drifted out of that social circle, I've really detached from a lot of friends I made there, willingly or not.

And in Kim's case, that's really too bad, because there are a lot of good things about Kim. I guess this is an apology, of sorts, for what I've missed since we last talked.

I know this has been a theme for a few of these, but I like and respect that you've stayed true to your faith. Being any sort of religious is rather difficult, these days, and I can't imagine being a strict and faithful Mormon in California is exactly easy, especially while in college. (Let's face it - is being a strict and faithful ANYTHING easy in college?)

You're definently going to be the best bioengineer anyone's ever seen. Your determination to be so makes me smile.

You've got a wonderful grasp of the serious and the batshit loopy, and when it's best to mix the two to make people step back and relax. But I will still, someday, kill you for the idea of a pregnant Raiden. With a spork.

You get incredibly in to stories - why the story works, what makes it tick, why the characters are interesting, and how to work things out. I like looking at your writing challenges, even if I don't participate enough, to see how you work throught them.

You're into the strange and often machine-based music that I dig, and getting you hooked on ThouShaltNot was fun. :D

You tend to reach out and fuzzle people, no matter what. You're very fuzzeled.

You have a very deep grasp of your own history - what is in your blood, and how it shaped your family, and those who came before you. I sympathize when you wonder why all our heritages aren't valued.

And god help me, Kim, but you look like a hobbit. Yes. Yes you do.
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Mmm. Drive-by [ profile] skarletteing.

God bless calling cards.

Thank you, dear. :>
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I am apparently a "Devastatingly effective flirt."

I can't quite get my head around this. It just doesn't match my self-view. :D


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