Dec. 13th, 2004


Dec. 13th, 2004 08:05 am
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Because I wanted to make up some of the time I missed at work last week, I came in at 6:30.

That means I was up at 5am.

I am a dead man, shambling through the world of men.

Well, ok, half dead. But I could use a nap.
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It's ridiculous how happy a good snowfall will make me. I really am an 8 year old, deep inside.
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I'd like to start by saying I hope this amuses you as much as the idea of me writing it did, [ profile] mephron. :D

Meph's a phantom, digitally wafting through things since...what, 2001? I want to say we originally started talking back and forth a bit in [ profile] chaoticgoodnik's journal, and eventually friended each other to keep tabs on what the other was doing.

Someone who uniquely understands the hell of corporate tech support, he set up the [ profile] techranting group for getting our frustrations out safely.

He's a very gifted writer, which tends to come out in the description and pacing of a lot of his entries, but you see it even more in his occasional forays into the spiritual and bits of Eyrie fiction here and there.

We're both fans of A Miracle of Science, and one of our occasional slips into type even lead to a couple of mentions on their front page, which was fantastic.

I've seen him be there for his friends under constant difficulty, and he has never failed to offer help when I have been down (even if I have been a dork about accepting.)

I see a lot of my own difficulties with my family in his writing, but I think he's handed it much better than I did, and certainly with much more paitence for the shit he wades through.

I envy the way you get to fly around the country to hang out with people. :D (And I'd note you still need to come here!) It's really awesome that you have set yourself up to be a jet-setter, appearing to friends and loved ones with remarkable alacrity.

I could say a lot about his all too regular struggles with the TSA and NJ/NYC ferry, and the ways he fights people being treated like cattle, but I know that his most memorable battle is one he wishes to remain quiet on, so I will simply say that he has been a very devout crusader for people having the right to be themselves.

We have a lot of the same interests, we tend to talk the same lingo, and then there's our regular teaming in City of Heroes, leading to quite a lot of madcap antics as we go through the increasingly huge content.

Really, though, I think the best way I can say how [ profile] mephron is utterly awesome is to use his own words. I found this kinda scooching back through his writings over the last while, and it pretty much sums him up to the T.

I just put forth how Optimus Prime could become President of the United States, and then, when pointed out that Megatron also could run, explained how he couldn't.

For the record: there was a supreme court case back in the early 1800s where a candidate ran for President, he was from a state that had previously been a territory, and the SCOTUS decision was that if you were resident in the state when it was a territory you were considered 'natural born', which lets Prime be grandfathered in.

Megatron, conversely, worked for a middle-eastern state in an offensive manner against the US, which qualifies him to be stripped of his citizenship, and therefore cannot run.

A man, a plan, and not a canal: [ profile] mephron. He's one of the better ones.
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My head keeps telling me, "Hey, hey, the keyboard could be a really neat pillow. It's not like anyone would notice..."

Stupid head. Rebelling against my body and work ethic. I shall batter it into submission.
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The end of work today has not gone well. I have been on production downs and screaming work at home users for the past 40 minutes.

The human race needs to die.
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CityBBQ heals a man. So does killing nazis and psychic robot abominations from another dimension.

I really wish I'd gotten to spend some time with [ profile] skarlette, tho.

I love you, sweetie. I feel like a dip about how I took off last night. I'm sorry.

See you tomorrow, I hope.


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