Mar. 1st, 2004

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Crashes started again. It's either something melting down with the NVIDIA driver or the video card hardware itself. I guess I'm going to Best Buy tomorrow. Don't really want to, and it's going to cut into my money for Lisa's visit, but I need a functioning computer, really, and the idea of running in safe mode until my next paycheck, be it from Robert Half or Wooster, doesn't appeal.
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In addition to everything else, I haven't gotten the chance to talk to Lisa at all this weekend.

I think, despite it all, if she called, or got online, or whatever, and saw what was happening, and could just tell me that everything's OK and not to worry, I'd probably be in a lot less angry and frustrated mood.
As it is, I want to rip things apart barehanded, and I have to go to work really early.

Fuck you, world. Fuck everyone, fuck everyone reading this, fuck Highlights and Medex for not giving me a job so that I could be meeting my potential and living the life I want to live, fuck my parents for not being rich, fuck NVIDIA, fuck the distance, fuck Lisa's housemates for not letting me call after 10pm, fuck the airlines, fuck the gas prices, fuck not being able to just leave my job and somehow still cover my bills, fuck Wooster for believing that paying a pittance and promises is acceptable, and fuck me for wasting my money and my life instead of doing better.

Well, that was theraputic in that I am now angrier. I'm going to try to sleep before I start savagely beating the walls, fridge, or things made of glass.
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Okay, things are looking a bit better.

Got an awesome, honest to god On Paper letter from Robert Half thanking me for my interview and that Sean looks forward to finding me an 'engagement', as he's quite excited to have me working with RHT. That's really cool.

Did some snooping and found about 400 other people who are seeing their Geforce4 cards do exactly what mine's been doing and having to replace them. Odd, since NVIDIA is really supposed to be better than this, but OK. Found an ATI Radeon 9200PRO on sale for $90 at Best Buy, with a $20 mail in rebate I'll take advantage of as well. (And god, do I wish Rebates could be somehow claimed online. Oh, well.)

The 7am job went well, and I've been solving calls all day, though a real bear of one just appeared on the radar.

On the other hand, I'm done at 4pm. Whee.
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So, after all that, the damn thing won't boot past the BIOS with the ATI card installed.

Trying to reach ATI support, but it's not going well, and if I don't get through this time, I'm taking it back to the store. (Yay for my workbench, at work, where I currently am.)
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Ladies and gentlemen, ATI can suck my magnifcent and sometimes worshipped penis.

You see, I finally called ATI tech support after going through every driver update, chipset tweak, and BIOS upgrade I could perform, even borrowing a PCI video card from my boss and bringing it in to work to help troubleshoot with proper tools, as I mentioned. Went on hold for 20 minutes. Got a person, finally, and described my problem.

"Well, sir, if you're not booting up, it means you haven't registered, and we will not support unregistered products. Goodbye!" *CLICK*.

I was not amused.

Finally found an article mentioning possible problems between Asus boards using the VIA KT700 chipset and the Radeon 9200 series. Decided I do not want to give ATI more money, and I went back to Best Buy and returned the card, explaining, and exchanging it for a PNY GeForceFX 5200 (128MB DDR) that seems to be running just fine, thank you, and all the system errors have stopped. And the best part? An orange note in the PNY box that is placed to be the first thing you read.

Do not take this card back to the store! By opening this package you are entitled to free lifetime support and replacement if neccesary! Seems it's standard on all PNY's cards.

ATI has lost me as a customer. Want to guess where I'm buying any future videocards from?
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Guess what just happened again?

Why yes, it was a crash!
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Anyone in the market for a PC? Apparently it can do everything except run the games I want to play! Because it's still crashing despite removing SWG on the hopes that would fix it, and I'm at my wit's end. At this point, only possibility that makes sense to me is the motherboard, maybe, and that VIA chipset.

Error code 00000024, parameter1 001902fa, parameter2 f3e335a0, parameter3 f3e332a0, parameter4 f8402404.

Alex has suggested perhaps it could be memory?

Any ideas?
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Ard's put me on the track of possibly a bad HDD.

Error code 10000050, parameter1 dd8613b7, parameter2 00000000, parameter3 dd8613b7, parameter4 00000000.

This one was from within safe mode.


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